Wix.Com Review Australia

wix.com Australia

Wix is a really popular website builder, that is also available to Australian webmasters.

This Wix.com review will give you a sneak peek into the most important factors you should know before you settle on it.

Do you want to build a really great looking website that is packed with a bunch of engaging features, but decide not to code it yourself? Well, Wix is the way to go for Australians.

What Is Wix Australia?

Back in the day, building a website was something only skilled coders could do. Or else, you could pay these coders to do it for you.

But thanks to Wix, things have changed and almost anybody can build a website the way they like today. The template editor that comes with Wix will give you complete creative control and liberty without you having to know the c of code.

While Wix certainly is not the only website builder in the world today, it is definitely one of the best and most popular choices.

What Type Of Sites Will Wix Work Best For?

The list is really extensive but if you take a look at some sites that have been completed with Wix, you will realize that it ensures a great deal of professionalism as well as aesthetic value. It spans millions of industries but some of the most popular users of Wix have been:

  • Musicians
  • Small-scale businesses
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Hospitality industry businesses
  • Graphic designing
  • Blogging
  • Photography

The best part is that you will always find a template, tool, and app on Wix no matter what your niche is. In addition to this, the latest features like Wix Code and AI tool Wix ADI are specifically intended to help you build a great website with less effort involved.

How Versatile Is Wix?

One of the main reasons that Wix is so popular is because of its versatility. There are new features being introduced so often that they have a completely dedicated ‘New Wix Features by Date’ website that will help you stay informed and updated. Wix is also really easy to use and extremely powerful.

An alternative to Wix is Shopify or if you want a “DIY hosting” then you can check out Godaddy.

Your business will never outgrow Wix because of the resources they offer. And it will only take you a matter of minutes to build your website due to their efficiency.

You can pay for Wix using credit and debit cards and even paypal.

Wix Has a Massive Collection of Designer Templates

You will have access to more than 510 designer templates that cover a wide range of industries and appeal to different styles. All these choices are quite trendy and will work for any audience today. The templates also come complete with dummy content that can be replaced easily with your own content like text or images. You also have the option of selecting a blank template if you prefer but those that act as dummies can really give you a lot of direction and inspiration as well.

It Is the Most Innovative and Convenient ‘Drag and Drop’ Website Building Tool

When it comes to rolling out easy and clever features to users, Wix has left their competition a really tough game. Not only does Wix grow with you, but they also give you access to the best and latest web tools available before anybody else! Make it a point to keep checking their latest features and researching on what would suit your requirements the best. It even has Artificial Design Intelligence that can help design and build your site for you.

You Will Always Have Help and Support

You will find that you are offered help and support at almost every turn you take.

No matter what issue you run into, you will always be offered a solution. For example, most of the features in the template editor will have their own help button through which you can access an article that will help you in just one click. You can also call the support team that is now available 24/7 and even ask them to reply via email. Here is a wix guide, that can help you with the setup.

Latest Feature Updates For Wix

  • Knowledge centre – Wix lets you create your very own knowledge centre for your own website. This will help your users get all the answers that they are looking for really fast.
  • VideoBox – this brand new feature will help you get even more fun and creative with the way you choose to display your videos on the website. For example, you will be able to change the shape, add more slow-motion effects and even choose from about 16 different modes of play.
  • SEO – you can now have access to a personalized SEO plan and even have a very accurate and efficient analysis of your site done.
  • Analytics – do you want to monitor who visits your landing page? You now have the chance to embed third-party tracking codes that will help you get the data that you will require.
  • Podcasts – if there is a podcast that you really want to share with the world, you can do so with Wix. They have introduced new features for you so you can host whatever podcasts you want to present on your site.
  • The mobile structure – Wix has recently completed a lot of work on their mobile responsiveness and have now enabled a structure that is mobile-friendly too. When you enable this feature, Wix will automatically resize everything from the text to the images and help you get faster loading times as well.

Is Wix Right For You?

Wx is without a doubt the most popular website builder in the world today. According to the latest figures that were released on 14th February 2018, Wix now has over 119 million registered users and is currently hosting more than 90 million websites.

This is more than double the number that has been created using other tools like Weebly.

Research has also shown that out of its users, over 3.2 million people are willing to pay for a premium plan with Wix and almost 8 out of 10 of them have renewed their plans after the first year. So in conclusion, if you choose Wix, you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.