Web Hosting Sydney

sydney web hostingIs your website targeted towards clients in Sydney? Then you probably need a good web hosting provider that works well with Sydney web traffic.

How To Find A Good Webhost For Sydney Traffic

Australians technically have access to hundreds of web hosting providers located worldwide. Here’s an important question: How many of these typically US-based companies offer web hosting Sydney servers?

Where the web host’s servers are located matters to customers. When you upload a website through a hosting provider, your data would be physically held on a server.

When users download your website, they need to access the data stored on this server. The closer the server is to the user’s computer, the faster the data transfer would be.

  • Site building experts recommend users to ensure that websites load as fast as possible, ideally under two seconds.
  • If the web host’s servers are not located in Australia, Australian users may experience some lag when downloading the website.
  • Not many web hosts have data centres located in Australia. The data centre should at least be located somewhere close by, such as in Singapore.

Ideally, you will get the best value for money with web hosts that have servers in major Australian cities like Sydney.

Local customers often look to purchase the cheapest hosting plan. However, you should consider server locations to get good value for your money. If you have more visitors from Melbourne, then you need a Melbourne webhosting provider.

Some international web hosts do have local data centres. If none are available, the provider must ensure high uptimes and ping speeds for local customers.

Here is a list of  the best web hosts in Sydney:

1. WPWebHost

WPWebHost is a managing WordPress hosting service based in Malaysia. They offer services primarily to an Australian clientele.

WPWebHost is one of the few providers that actually have a data centre in none other than Sydney. The company’s worldwide speeds average at 141 ms. In contrast, their Australian speeds average at an impressive 177 ms.

This hosting provider can ensure that your local clientele has speedy access to all content on your website. Local uptime is also highly reliable, going over the 99% guarantee easily.

Do note that WPWebHost hosting plans aren’t cheap. However, you can benefit from some of the speediest plans for Australians ever.

2. SiteGround

The ever-popular SiteGround is known for its affordable plans and highly reliable uptimes. The company, unfortunately, doesn’t have a data centre in Sydney. However, their local speeds can ping close to 98 ms.

SiteGround doesn’t have a data centre in Australia, but they do have one in Singapore. That’s a lot better than having to rely on a server located all the way in the US.

SiteGround plans for Aussies can cost as little as $8 a month and they include one click install scripts. The costs of shared hosting are typically cheap. You have the option to upgrade to a better plan as your website grows.

The web host offers 20 GB of SSD storage with even the smaller packages. SSD storage is much faster than the traditional HDD storage. This will ensure that internal processing is done quickly without any lags in delivery.

3. HostGator

HostGator has an excellent worldwide speed score, especially for their cloud services. HostGator’s cloud plans are the speediest in and around Sydney.

In Sydney, HostGator Cloud can reach speeds as high as 209 ms. Expect about half the ms with their non-cloud plans.

Overall, HostGator is known to be one of the fastest hosting providers in Australia. If you purchase a plan locally, you will benefit from double fast loading times, a free cPanel, and unlimited disk space.

4. InMotion

InMotion offers hosting plans that include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and multiple domain availability. It’s arguably one of the best web hosts for users located anywhere in Australia.

InMotion’s main data centres are located in the US. If you are based in Sydney, you will be connected to the services from their eastern US datacentre.

Speeds from this location to Sydney can go as high as 230 ms. In comparison, their worldwide average is 149 ms.

Compare InMotion speed to the Google recommended 200 ms. It’s more than adequate for Sydney-based users.

Other than speed, customers in Sydney can benefit from feature-rich plans that include 24.7 customer support. There is also customer support provided during local business hours.

5. A2

A2 is a green-label hosting provider. Green-label meaning that the company is committed eco-friendliness and boasts 100% carbon neutral operations.

Sydney users can benefit from A2’s comprehensive hosting plans. Their basic plans start from around $7 per month.

A2, like most hosting providers, is not based in Australia. However, they have a data centre located in Singapore. The company has 3 data centres located in three different regions around the world.

The company has a worldwide speed average of 176 ms. Pings from Singapore to Sydney at max would come back at 320 ms.

That doesn’t sound ideal, but users should be aware that the data centre ensures high uptime quality. It’s always a perk to use a hosting provider with a data centre close by.

6. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the oldest website hosting providers in the world. This certainly hasn’t slowed down the company, however.

A Bluehost package boasts speeds as much as 183 ms from Sydney. Cloud packages can go even higher.

Bluehost offers an excellent selection of features with their packages, which makes their offers all the more worthwhile. You can get rare features like a free CDN, automatic backup, and resource protection.

Their content delivery network is built right into the accounts of users. When you need to boost the speed, just select the CDN.

7. Crucial

Crucial is a local web host that offers plans for users with a clientele based in Australia. The company has its data centre in Australia.

Local server speeds are quite promising for this new brand. Their worldwide average is 214 ms. In Sydney, pings get close to 200 ms.

That’s not saying much, but it is a lot better than what other Australian web hosts offer. If you intend on buying local, Crucial is a great host to consider.

The company is still relatively new. They don’t offer packages at competitive prices. However, you can rely on their speed and uptimes anytime.

8. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is highly recommended for new users based in Sydney. The company offers diverse plans at prices Aussies can comfortably afford.

Dreamhost doesn’t offer super speedy plans in Sydney. Their speeds are decent, not mind-blowing.

What’s impressive are the features included with even the most standard plans. You can enjoy benefits like unlimited email, databases and bandwidth with this provider. This is hands-down a top contender for reliable web hosting in Australia.


9. A Small Orange

A Small Orange is a niche hosting provider. Unlike other web hosts, this company doesn’t boast great scaling or prices. Rather, the focus of A Small Orange is customer support and care.

The company offers highly affordable plans that Sydney-based users can benefit from. All plans come with live chat and email support.

In addition, there are other perks like unlimited domains and email addresses. Overall, if you want something new in Sydney, this hosting provider would be a great choice.

10. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been a fixture in the hosting scene for some time now. This international web host is an excellent choice for customers based in Sydney.

The brand ensures both top speeds and high levels of reliability in Australia. Though it’s not an Aussie company, GoDaddy is worth considering as a web host for a primarily Australian audience.

Where GoDaddy doesn’t score is in customer support. Previous users have complained about shoddy tech support phone lines.

Other than that, the web host offers excellent plans with plenty of built-in tools. Aussies can benefit in more ways than one.

If you are based in Sydney, it can seem overwhelming to choose a web host. The following details can help you distinguish between good hosting providers and subpar ones:

  • Data centres near Sydney or Australia
  • 24/7 customer support so you can call during local business hours
  • Competitive prices in Australian dollars

Don’t rush to purchase a hosting plan just because it’s well-known internationally. Remember to check which services offer the best speeds and reliability levels locally as well.