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Are you looking for an easy way to obtain an SSL certificate needed for your Australian domain? Then Let’s Encrypt Hosting is your best choice.

Let’s Encrypt Hosting Australia

Let’s Encrypt is a free and easy SSL provider who will issue the certificate you need without any hassle. They also have the backing of large companies like Mozilla, Facebook, Cisco, and several others. This allows them to completely automate the processes of requesting, authenticating, issuing and finally installing the certificate. All you really need to do is to log into your control panel and request for the SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Once the request has been submitted their systems will automatically send through the certificate and install it.

How Can You Lets Encrypt?

Enabling this is not complicated and it can be done in a matter of minutes. The steps that you need to take are as follows:

  • Go to Shared Hosting on the left of your navigation menu
  • Go to manage
  • Click on your service and you will be provided with a drop-down menu
  • You will find the Let’s Encrypt option under Configure. Select it.
  • Now you will be given the option to either install the Let’s Encrypt certificate or any of your primary or subdomains or even add-ons that you have in your hosting service. However, do bear in mind that it is not possible for you to install an SSL on a parked domain at this stage, because of the functionality of the cPanel.

How Is The Installation Done?

Let’s Encrypt will be installed to your server with the help of an SNI rather than through the use of a dedicated IP address. If you need one of these, you will have to look for your own SSL through a provider like VentraIP for example and then have it submitted for installation.

How Can You Renew Your Let’s Encrypt Certificate?

The certificates from Let’s Encrypt are usually only valid for 90 days from the date they were issued.

As the date of expiry draws closer you will get an email or expiry notices about the date of expiration. You will receive these to the email address that you linked with the cPanel service at the time you created it.

However, there could be rare instances where users may or may not receive an expiry notice.

There could also be delays. Once you have ten days left to go before the expiry, the systems will automatically try to renew your SSL certificate and then update your website with the renewed version.

This is a huge advantage that will help you give your users an interrupted and efficient service. If the renewal fails during the first attempt, it will try once every four hours to renew your SSL certificate until it is completed.

How Is A Let’s Encrypt Certificate Re-Issued?

If you need to re-issue your SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt for some reason, all you will need to do is log back into your control panel and remove the existing one.

You will then be directed to the same page as you were in the installation section. Now that you have removed the existing SSL from the system, you will be able to click on the install button and have the certificate re-issued.

Why Do You Need An SSL Certificate?

When you are operating an online business, trust and security are two things that you cannot ignore. Your customers should know that you are reliable enough and that their sensitive data is safe with you. When you install an SSL certificate you will be encrypting anything that has been sent or that you receive from your server over the HTTPS. This includes things like personal or credit and debit card information.

It essentially guarantees that even if somebody is monitoring your network, they will not be able to read the information that is being sent.

What Is The Function Of An SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate basically guarantees that the connection between the server and the browser is a secure and safe one. Once the data is in the server, the server admin will be responsible for making sure that it stays safe and secure. The end user’s browser will first request a secured channel, which is usually through https, from the server.

If the server has an SSL certificate, the browser and the server will then negotiate and match their highest common strength of encryption, 256 bits, for example.

They will then exchange the encryption keys that correspond and this key will then be used for the exchanges in this session. For the next session that is requested, a new encryption key will be used.

Can Let’s Encrypt Be Used On A VPS Or A Dedicated Server?

Yes, you can use Let’s Encrypt on both these options. If they have not been installed by default and you happen to be a managed customer with your hosting service, you will be able to get this done with the help of the support team. If you are a user who is self-managed, you will be able to get the instructions that you need off your cPanel.

The Bottom-Line

One of the biggest advantages of Let’s Encrypt is that it is completely free. It also has a very simple installation procedure when compared to the traditional SSL certificates. You will also have very little to stress about because in this case, the request for the certificate and the maintenance will also be handled completely by Let’s Encrypt. All in all, it makes for a more efficient and convenient user experience.

Google Chrome also happens to be one of the Platinum sponsors of Let’s Encrypt, which means that you will have guaranteed trust in this service. Google Chrome would not be considered a platinum sponsor if the services provided were not consistent and reliable.

These are some of the main factors that you should be aware of when it comes to Let’s Encrypt and choosing it to get your SSl certificate.