Drupal Hosting Australia

drupal hosting australia

A free and open source content management framework, Drupal is written in PHP and is distributed under the General Public License.

Drupal Hosting Australia is also a popular choice among developers, companies, and marketers because of the many features and perks that it offers users. It also provides a back-end framework that covers at least 2.3% of all the websites in the world.

These range from personal blogs to government sites and corporate websites. Drupal also handles business collaboration through knowledge managing.

Drupal Hosting Australia

As recorded in September 2018, the Drupal community consisted of over a 1.3 million users, of which 112,500 were actively contributing to it.

This resulted in more than 41,500 free modules that helped to expand and customize the functional aspect of Drupal.

The attractiveness of Drupal is enhanced by the 267- free themes that help users change the look and feel of Drupal and at least 1240 distributions that are completely free and allow users to set up a complicated and personalized Drupal site in a matter of a few minutes.

Best Drupal Web Hosting for Australian Sites

Here are the best web hosting providers that offer Drupal hosting:

1. Justhost

One of the featured solutions by Drupal, Justhost is one of the leading shared hosting providers. You can use the MOJO 1 click installer to get Drupal and then start using Justhost through Drupal right away.

2. Siteground

Siteground is very popular thanks to their expertise and efficiency, consistently offered 24/7. They also offer Drupal migration and installation. Siteground will also help you fix up any issues in your Drupal application or website.

3. 1&1

You can use 1 click installation to add Drupal to your web hosting package. The CMS that you require will also come with an SSL certificate.

4. Hostpapa

Hostpapa comes with Drupal optimized servers that are powerful, fast and highly dependable. You also get to enjoy a whole lot of perks like the no risk 30-day money back guarantee, free SSL, all day everyday support, free CDN and so much more.

5. Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the biggest brands in the industry. Of course they offer 1 click Drupal and WordPress installs. Read our Godaddy Australia review.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting allows for multiple websites to use a single server.

You will not usually be aware of what websites you are sharing the server with or how much traffic each will be generating. You will also have a limit on the number of server resources that you can use and this will be decided by the hosting package that you decide on. However, it must be said that this is easily the most cost-efficient way in which you can fulfill your hosting needs.

The only downside to shared hosting is that the speed could be affected since you will be sharing. So you should definitely go with a company like Drupal that has earned the trust of users worldwide.


This is typically an extension of the dedicated hosting category. Here the hosting hardware is owned by the provider and will be leased to a single client only.

It deviates from the regular type of dedicated hosting because, in this case, the daily management and maintenance of the server are handled by the service provider.


In this type of hosting, the service is provided on virtual servers. The hosting site gets its computing resources from a massive underlying network of actual physical web servers.

Usually, clients can use their services as much as they need to, depending on the requirement at any point of time. This gives you the advantage of saving money because you will only pay for what you use. Moreover, you are guaranteed easy access. You will also not need to pay for any added capacity.


VPS is a relatively new type of hosting that has become extremely popular recently. Why? Because it acts like a dedicated server without the cost of the dedicated server. VPS stands for Virtual Personal Server and it offers a server that consists of its own bandwidth, operating system, and disc capacity.


Here the server will be dedicated to a particular organization or purpose, like a website, for example. It gives users the advantage of having the flexibility of personalization and good uptime. However, it can be slightly higher in cost than other varieties because of the extent of services provided.


This is a form of hosting where the account owner has the ability to utilize his or her allocated hard disc space and the bandwidth to provide hosting services to third-party users. The reseller will basically buy from the hosting service and offer hosting services to their customers.

Why Should You Choose Drupal?

  • Drupal has amazing standard features such as convenient and efficient content authoring and highly dependable performance.
  • Excellent security for your data.
  • Flexible and modular at its heart.
  • The tools that come with it will help you create web experiences that are versatile and well-structured.
  • Great for creating integrated digital frameworks with.
  • Powerful and scalable.
  • It is open source and anybody can download, work on or with and use or share data with others freely.
  • Built on principles such as globalization, innovation and collaboration.
  • You will never have to worry about any licensing fees

The Community Powering Drupal

If you are going to be working with Drupal Hosting Australia, you should also know about the community powering it. It is by far one of the largest open source communities the world has seen.

There are over 1,000,000 developers, trainers, designers, strategists, editors, coordinator and sponsors who collaborate to make Drupal what it is today. They are focused on building, improving, providing support and creating documentation while also offering networking opportunities and so much more.


Overall Drupal is without a doubt the largest open source community available today. It is highly credible and known for its extensive services. It is also completely free, which means that you will be saving a lot of money. Since hosting is something that can really make or break your business depending on its quality and features, choosing Drupal for your web hosting is an investment as it will help promote the growth and progress of your company.