Web Hosting Melbourne

melbourne web hostingLooking for a web hosting Melbourne service can be harder than it seems.

As a Melbourne-based business or an individual site owner, you are probably looking for a web host that can uniquely address your localised requirements.

Most web hosting providers are based outside Australia.

  • The problem is, you may have to connect to servers or data centres located far away in the US or in Europe. Your site speed could suffer as a result.
  • Another issue with international providers is obtaining customer support within local business hours.

Most companies have evolved to offer 24/7 customer support, however.

The established worldwide hosting providers may have data centres near Melbourne, so you won’t have to worry about speed.

Here is a list of web hosting companies well suited for users based in Melbourne:

1. WPWebHost

WPWebHost is an excellent choice for Melbourne-based customers who hope to attract mainly an Australian audience.

The company is relatively new here, but it’s been operating as a web host in Malaysia for years. The provider has a data centre in Singapore, which can ensure top speeds for clients based locally.

The web host offers highly reliable and fast speeds from Sydney. Melbourne-based users can enjoy similar speeds as those in Sydney, if not better.

WPWebHost’s nice is managed WordPress hosting. If that’s what you are looking for in Australia, then this is definitely one of the top hosting solutions to consider.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is a superbly popular hosting provider in Australia for several reasons. The main reasons for this are as following:

  • Impressive worldwide speeds that match local ones
  • Affordable plans
  • WordPress exclusive hosting
  • High reliability
  • Customer support during Aussie hours
  • 1 Click Installs

SiteGround has data centres worldwide so that Aussie users can enjoy impressive download speeds. The host is, in fact, highly recommended for WordPress users.

The hosting provider offers a variety of packages for users to choose from. There are budget-friendly shared hosting plans, as well as more expensive but feature-rich dedicated hosting plans.

Users in Melbourne can benefit in more ways than one with SiteGround. It’s perfect for serving both local and international audiences.

3. HostGator

Hostgator is best known for offering affordable shared hosting plans. This is a top-end hosting contender for Melbourne based companies as well as individuals.

One of the biggest perks HostGator offers is compatibility with both Windows and Linux-based servers. Most other hosting plans prefer one over the other.

Though the provider’s shared hosting plan may be popular, HostGator offers some of the dedicated cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans in the country. All prices are highly competitive.

Each plan comes with a variety of features. Most packages include unlimited bandwidth, storage, and data transfer.

With advanced plans, you can enjoy higher RAM capacity, security tools, and e-commerce plugins. All in all, this is one of the best packages to consider.

4. Bluehost

Small businesses and entrepreneurs starting out in Melbourne, where commercial rental costs can be stifling, may not have a big budget to dedicate to hosting. That’s where Bluehost comes in.

Bluehost has been famous for the past 15 years or so for offering highly budget-friendly shared hosting packages. It may not even cost you $5 to secure a Bluehost basic plan with a discount.

A basic plan is sufficient to reliably host a small website with less than 30,000 visitors per month. If your site grows big, Bluehost offers dedicated and VPS plans that can handle the hard work.

5. Hostwinds

Hostwinds is an excellent hosting provider for Melbourne-based small to medium-sized businesses. This web host’s plans are not the cheapest around, but they come packed with features.

Hostwinds is one of the best hosting providers for Linux-based systems. Windows-based systems won’t benefit much though.

Plans come with perks like unlimited storage, security tools, and a free single domain. You can add more domains and features with pro-level plans.

Hostwinds is a great choice for those looking for VPS plans. This company offer an array of VPS choices suited for organizational or business needs.

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the oldest web hosting providers around. The company is still going strong worldwide.

There are many reasons Melbourne-based users would go with GoDaddy. The plans offered by the company are affordable and they come with some of the best uptime rates anywhere.

Over the years, GoDaddy has also improved its international infrastructure. As a non-US based client, your needs would be met just as well by the web host.

GoDaddy still offers their once highly-praised email hosting options. However, they’ve been migrating to Office 365 in recent years.

All in all, GoDaddy is still a top contender. Melbourne-based users won’t be disappointed if they choose the right package.

7. InMotion

InMotion is a relatively low-key company that offers a variety of hosting solutions customers in Melbourne can benefit from. Their basic plans are affordable, but you can enjoy better features with the pro-grade plans.

Keep in mind that InMotion plans are not for short-term users. Unlike with most other web hosts on this list, InMotion plans come with multi-year contracts. It’s great for serious users who don’t want to switch, but casual users may not like it.

InMotion is just near perfect for Linux-based hosting. Their plans come with perks like unlimited domains, email hosting, and unlimited data transfers for Linux-based servers.

8. A2

Looking for a green web hosting provider? Then A2 may just be what you are looking for.

A2 identifies itself as an eco-friendly hosting provider. As a result, the company ensures the following:

  • Servers are powered by emissions-free fuel sources like wind power
  • Server processors are energy efficient

On top of that, A2 has a data centre located in Singapore. Companies with many clients in major cities in Australia and thus benefit from top-level speeds.

A2 checks out many boxes when it comes to the ideal hosting provider. In addition to sustainable work philosophy, A2 offers customer-centric hosting plans.

9. iPage

iPage is a new and rather obscure hosting provider. This brand is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for something other than the well-known brands.

iPage offers multi-year payment plans for different types of hosting solutions. You may have to pay a lot in a single go, but your monthly fee would be considerably lower compared to per-month payment plans.

This hosting provider is an excellent choice for e-retail websites. The company offers a number of malware monitoring tools users can benefit from.

There’s one downside though: No Windows servers. iPage is great for all your Linux-based hosting needs.

10. Crucial

Crucial is a hosting provider based in Australia. The company offers hosting services to businesses, bloggers, individuals, and organizations.

There are many perks Australian users can enjoy because the service is based right here. You can expect local customer service, local business hours, and local data centres.

Crucial has a data centre located in the country. You can ping speeds around 200 ms from Sydney or Melbourne. That’s the speed Google recommends for websites.

The company certainly understands its Australian clientele. Therefore, local customers can enjoy unique benefits they won’t find in international companies.

Local customers should understand that it won’t be possible to look for exclusively Melbourne-based hosting providers. Some companies, like Crucial, are based in Australia, but only in a particular city.

You can get around this problem by searching where the data centres are located. Choose a server located close to Melbourne as possible for speedy services.

You should also compare packages for features and price tags. Understand that the final price tag may include additional fees.

Read through the above suggestions carefully. Then you can compare plans and choose one that meets your site’s needs the best.

Australian Web Hosting With 1 Click Installs

1 click installs australiaWant to boost the sales for your Australian website with 1 click installs? Try Softaculous.

With a tagline that tells you to focus on using apps rather than trying to install them, Softaculous really keeps up on its promises.

It is a fantastic auto installer with 449 great scripts and 1115 PHP classes and counting. This is perfect for a web hosting company, because the scripts in Softaculous actually cover almost any issue a customer could potentially have. They cover a wide range of categories as well, so that everybody is able to find the script that would fulfill their website requirements.

Why choose 1-Click Installs – Softaculous?

There are many reasons for you to choose Softaculous. Here are some of them that will help you make up your mind on how and why you should choose this.

  • It is super fast. Softaculous is a really efficient Auto Installer and users can now install scripts in only 1 click. This applies to all 449 of the scripts that it has. This means that as the user, you do not have to go through the process of individual script installations. Everything that you need from copying files to creating a database is done for you by Softaculous. You actually can just sit back and relax!
  • It can import scripts directly or from other Auto Installers. You gain a significant advantage because Softaculous can import the scripts that it maintains, even though it was not originally installed by them. It can import data of the installed scripts from other Auto Installers. You can also choose which scripts you would like to import tis way. Once they are imported, you can maintain the scripts for future use.
  • They have all the demos running. No matter what script it is that you want to install, they have the demo to help you out. Softaculous understands the importance of choosing the right software for web hosting companies and how hard it is to do so without a good demo. Therefore these demos ensure that you can browse through them, get an idea and then finalize on the script that you will be using.
  • It maintains ratings and reviews of scripts. If you are a user and you have used a script, you will be able to write a review and rate the scripts that you like the best. This helps other users to choose the software that they want installed way more easily as they can now see the rating, reviews and the demos. It offers a really personalized and efficient user experience.
  • It is really popular. Millions of users from all over the world have relied on Softaculous and continue to do so. It is a revolutionary Auto Installer that only takes 1 click and you should definitely try it out, especially if you have a web hosting company.

What panels can you use Softaculous on?

The Auto Installer actually works really well on many different Web Hosting Control Panels.

Some of them include:

    • cPanel,
    • Plesk,
    • DirectAdmin,
    • H-Sphere,
    • Interworx,
    • ISP System,
    • Hosting Controller and CentOS WebPanel.

The best part here is that Siftaculous is really user-friendly and easy to integrate into the system which means that you will not have to slow down on your work.

How long does it take to start using 1 Click Installs?

Believe it or not, it only takes a few seconds for you to start using Softaculous. Simply download the Softaculous Installer and read the Installation Guide that comes with it. This will help you get started right away. You should also go through what users have to say. It will give you a better chance of choosing the right options for your needs.

What are the Softaculous licenses?

You know another perk of using Softaclous? It is available as a Free or a Premium Auto Installer. The Premium version is available for a very reasonable and cheap annual amount. The Free licenses has 54 scripts at the moment. The Premium version has all 449 scripts. Softaculous also provides NOC plans for web hosting companies with more than five servers.

Softaculous Enterprise

If you use NFS, Softaculous Enterprise is the right way to go for you. It is also most compatible if you have developed your in-house servers and control panels on NFS or Network File System. You will be able to integrate Softaculous Enterprise into your customized control panel and use Softaculous GUI.  You will be able to offer your users the chance of using all 449 scripts if you choose to integrate this into your system!

Reasons to choose Softaculous Enterprise version are;

  • 1 click install
  • 449 aps to choose from
  • Updates for apps available within 1 day
  • Easy to use API and SDK
  • Demos available
  • Ratings and reviews that help you choose well
  • Backups and restore options so your data is safe
  • Clone your website to check out any installations before you go live
  • Easily install WordPress themes
  • Majority of apps can be installed in your native tongue
  • 24/7 support for your convenience

Try out period of 1 month

You also get a 1 month free trial period where you can install 449 scripts in a few seconds and start using.

You will get the complete experience of using Softaculous in this one month and it will give you the chance to decide whether you want to continue on the free version or the premium one after that.

During your trial period you will get to install scripts like SMF, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Dophin, Prestashop and a lot more. You will also not need a credit card to sign up for this.

All hosting providers have 1 click installs now. You can install WordPress, Drupal and all other CMS or forum scripts with only one click. Softaculous is the best script that can do this.

Overall, Softaculous is an efficient, versatile and convenient to access software that will allow you to cater to your customer’s needs without delay and without making them feel dissatisfied with your hosting services. It is also an auto installer that provides you enough guidance and instructions along the way so that you don’t experience any hassle as much as possible.

Siteground Australia

siteground australia logoIf you ask what the best web hosting service is for locals, most Australians would say Siteground Australia. The international hosting company is easily one of the most popular providers in Australia.

Using Siteground in Australia

Siteground is equally popular in the US and Australia. The company was founded in 2004 and has since grown in size with multiple data centres around the world.

Hosting providers often focus on an audience base for their plans. Usually, web hosts offer plans geared either at businesses for generic users. Siteground offers well-rounded plans that address the needs of both groups.

You may have seen users praising the great features of Siteground. However, the brand is not without its drawbacks. Read on to find out about the advantages and downsides of using Siteground to host an Australian website.

Siteground Plans on Offer

Siteground plans come with 24/7 customer support and a money-back guarantee. If you want to unsubscribe from a plan for any reason, Siteground will return your money in 30 days.

Like most hosting companies, Siteground offers a selection of plans for different types of web hosting technologies. There are basic and advanced plans under each with varying prices that you can choose from.

Here are all Siteground hosting plans, available to Australians:

1. Shared Hosting Plans

The cheapest plans offered by Siteground are in the shared hosting category. You can nab a basic Siteground shared hosting plan for as low as around $10 a month. These plans may not be the most affordable around, but they are reliable and come with loads of features.

Siteground allows users to pay for shared hosting on a monthly basis (pay monthly hosting). It doesn’t do this with all other plans. You can choose to sign up for their annual plans as well. If you choose the one-month free trial plan, you will be automatically signed up for an annual plan once the trial expires.

The basic Siteground shared hosting plan has 10GB of storage and unlimited email. This plan can support a site with about 10,000 visitors a month.

The advanced shared hosting plans offer many other perks, such as a free SSL certificate for a year, backup storage for 30 copies of the site, and CloudFlare support. Bigger plans can support a site with over 30,000 visitors a month.

One of the most interesting benefits Siteground offers is that you can choose the location of the data centre you want. The company has a number of data centres in Europe, the US, and, of course, the Asia Pacific region. The company doesn’t have servers in Australia, but there’s a data centre in Singapore, which is close enough.

Considering how most web hosts have data centres located in the US, a server in Singapore assures Australian clients a speedy and reliable service, even for notoriously unreliable shared hosting plans.

2. Cloud Hosting Plans

Siteground has added a new cloud hosting system, based exclusively on Linux systems. Unfortunately, Windows cloud hosting is not available.

With cloud hosting, your website is kept online by a vast network of virtual servers connected via the internet (the aforementioned “cloud.”) Cloud hosting is notably more reliable than other forms of hosting. It’s quite fast too.

They even have super cacher in the cpanel. This feature will make your website faster.

Siteground’s cloud hosting plans offer storage starting from 40GB, RAM capacity starting from 4GB, and data transfer starting from 5TB. The cheapest plans cost close to $100 a month. All cloud plans include a free SSL security certificate for a year.

The cloud hosting plans are expensive compared to certain other offerings. However, there are other perks the web host offers that make the purchase worthwhile.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plans

Siteground offers a number of dedicated hosting plans. These plans aren’t cheap and the starting price is over $200 per month.

The dedicated hosting plans are best-suited for business websites that need to handle a lot of traffic and can afford the hefty price tag. Siteground’s dedicated plans are similar to cloud hosting, but you will get more disk space and RAM capacity per plan.

4. Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting is for customers who want to use the server space they buy to host third-party websites. Siteground offers a number of reseller hosting plans for businesses and entrepreneurs.

The advantage of reseller hosting is that you don’t have to buy the necessary infrastructure to benefit from renting out server space. Siteground takes care of all that.

The company’s reseller plans are particularly attractive. You would have to purchase the plans on a yearly basis. The cost per year is very cheap around $50.

Siteground throws in extra perks like unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited data transfer, commission reports, email hosting, and free backups with their reseller plans. Buyers can brand the servers as they like. It even comes with tech support, so this is an excellent deal overall.

Setup, Speed, Uptime and Other Perks

Siteground may not be the cheapest hosting provider, but the company makes up for it with the various perks it offers. E-commerce minded buyers will benefit the most from these.

Siteground allows you to set up websites with e-commerce content management systems like Magento and CS-Cart. The Siteground control panel already has buttons installed for these platforms. As a result, setting up a business website with the provider is quite simple.

To make things even easier, Siteground has Weebly, a drag-and-drop site builder already installed. You can quickly add components to your site with this useful platform.

In addition to all of these, Siteground offers a number of security tools for website builders. You will be able to keep spam at bay with SpamAssassin or protect your hotlinks. There are a number of tools readily available for common malaises like spam, data theft, and malware.

On top of all this is a truly excellent uptime the provider can guarantee for Australian websites. As mentioned earlier, Siteground has a data centre in the Asia Pacific region, so your site’s visitors can download it faster.

Siteground offers 24/7 phone support to all customers without an additional fee. They have an online chat support service that connects you to real representatives, not bots.

Siteground Alternatives

One of their biggest competitors is Hostgator. Go here to read more about Hostgator Australia.

The truth is, Siteground is better in almost every aspect, than Hostgator.

Siteground Australia – Pros and Cons

Siteground is one of the best hosting providers for Australians largely thanks to the data centre they maintain close to the country. Local customers can rely on superior uptime and speed rates.

The provider offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Affordable shared and reseller hosting plans
  • Excellent Linux-based system support
  • A number of e-commerce tools are readily available
  • A solid selection of security tools
  • A data centre in the Asia Pacific region
  • 24/7 phone and live chat support

Siteground is not without its downsides, though:

  • No VPS hosting plans
  • No Windows-based server support of any kind
  • Some hosting plans are expensive

All things considered, Siteground is a wonderful option for Australian customers. The perks far outweigh the disadvantages, so Aussies can get their money’s worth.

Hostgator Australia

hostgator australiaHostgator is one of the best-known web hosting providers in the world. Whether you have your own website or not, you would have heard of Hostgator Australia, a top choice for hosting locally.

Hostgator is based in the US. However, the company is adept at offering hosting services internationally.

The brand’s US packages are known for their affordability. The rates in Australian dollars are also quite cheap.

Does Bluehost work well in Australia?

Hostgator is highly recommended for new website owners. The provider’s shared hosting plans are extremely valuable. They offer a variety of plans that will likely benefit bigger websites as well.

Hostgator does indeed work well in Australia. In fact, many Australians pick hostgator as their primary hosting provider.

Unfortunately Hostgator does not have hosting servers located in Australia.

This service provider has a number of notable recommendations in the US. They are known for their excellent customer support services as well.

Read below to learn more about Hostgator’s plans, prices, and how your Aussie website may benefit from this service:

Hostgator Plans on Offer

Hostgator’s most popular plans are in the shared server domain. The company offers pay-per-month shared hosting plans with dirt-cheap starting prices. The basic shared hosting plan costs less than $5 locally.


Here is a list with all Hostgator hosting plans:

1. Shared Hosting Plans

This provider offers both Linux and Windows-based shared hosting plans. The cheapest packages are well-suited for novice webmasters with sites that are yet to take off.

The company offers more advanced shared hosting packages—with more bandwidth, storage, and the works— for small to medium-sized businesses. These plans start at around $10 a month.

hostgator au

On a sombre note, Hostgator does prompt customers to sign up for long-term, annual plans. If you want a business-grade shared hosting plan, you may have to sign a three-year contract.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

VPS hosting plans are mostly suitable for users who want to move up from shared hosting, but can’t afford dedicated hosting yet. Hostgator’s VPS plans are quite popular and cost around $20 a month. That’s not awfully expensive compared to plans offered by similar brands.

The cheapest VPS plan from Hostgator comes with 120GB of storage, 1.5TB monthly data transfer, and 2GB of RAM. Data transfer is not free and Hostgator would charge you extra for it. However, the cost of data transfer goes down significantly when you sign up for their annual plans.

Hostgator’s advanced VPS plans offer up to 3TB of data transfer, 240GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. All in all, these specs are quite good.

Potential customers should be aware that Hostgator offers VPS plan only for Linux-based servers. There are no Widows-based servers offered in the VPS section.

3. Dedicated Hosting Plans

You will be able to get your own server with dedicated hosting plans. These packages are ideal for business sites of all sorts that want to keep adding more traffic without running into speed issues.

As with most dedicated server plans, Hostgator plans are a bit expensive. Plans start close to $150 a month. For that price, you will get 1TB of SSD storage, unlimited monthly data transfers, and 32GB of RAM.

The company offers both Linux and Windows dedicated plans too. Most dedicated packages are Linux flavoured, so this comes as a refreshing perk.

4. Cloud Hosting Plans

Hostgator offers remarkable cloud hosting plans that are worth looking at. Cloud hosting, where your website will be connected to a network of virtual servers, offers benefits such as exceptional speed compared to traditional servers.

The company offers Linux-only cloud hosting plans at attractive costs. The most basic cloud hosting plan is quite affordable at around $15 a month. The basic specs include unlimited data storage, 2GB of RAM, a free domain name, and two processors to ensure speedy data transfer. Advanced plans offer higher RAM, storage capacity, and multiple domain support.

Hostgator – Questions and Answers

Does Hostgator offer wordpress hosting?

Yes, hostgator offers a simple 1 click wordpress installation via cpanel. It’s so easy, even my grandma can install WordPress now

Does Hostgator offer unmanaged VPS hosting?

No, however they offer managed VPS hosting for a relatively cheap price.

What is Hostgators Australian contact information?

They don’t have offices in Australia, but you can call them any time from Australia using this number: 00+1-713-574-5287. You also have the option to contact them via email or live chat.

Hostgator GST Australia? Do they charge Goods and Service Tax ?

With every service you buy, you have to pay GST. Hostgator charges the standard 10% GST to Australians.

Setup, Speed, Uptime and Other Perks

Hostgator guarantees top-notch uptime results. The brand’s uptime guarantee is well above 99.9%. However, customers should note that uptimes may vary depending on the plan they choose and other factors on sites.

Uptime is nearly 100% guaranteed for cloud and dedicated hosting plans. But uptimes with shared hosting can be a bit shaky. Hostgator offers a superb uptime guarantee even for shared hosting plans.

Hostgator plans are highly small business-friendly as well. The company offers a bunch of tools for e-commerce from its Mojo Marketplace.

You can subscribe for mass email tools like Dada Mail for as little as $40 a year. Tools like the ZenCart, phpCOIN, and SugarCRM come at affordable prices. The Hostgator suite even has a built-in HTML editor to facilitate ease of use.

New users will be delighted to find that Hostgator has a drag-and-drop interface for building a website. You can even get e-commerce tools with this feature.

Hostgator offers 24/7 customer service for clients worldwide. The easiest way to reach the company is via live chat. Australian customers will be happy to know that they can reach Hostgator during local business hours.

The Bottom Line

Hostgator is an excellent web hosting service that Australian customers should consider. The brand’s strongest point is affordability. You don’t have to pay much at all for Hostgator’s shared hosting plans.

The service provider offers a mix of Windows and Linux-based hosting. Some plans, like the shared one, offer both. But for certain plans like their cloud and dedicated hosting plans, only one is available.

Despite the low rates Hostgator offers, they guarantee excellent uptimes for customers. Independent testing has shown that Hostgator is highly reliable.

Here are the major perks of using Hostgator:

  1. Highly affordable
  2. Both Windows and Linux offerings available
  3. Plenty of e-commerce tools included
  4. Advanced packages have unlimited storage or data transfer
  5. Suitable for novice users
  6. Excellent uptime guarantee

Here are the cons of using Hostgator:

  1. No servers based in Australia
  2. The company may prompt you to buy long-term annual plans
  3. Some plans are Linux only
  4. Data transfer costs extra

Overall, Hostgator remains one of the best web hosting providers in the world for Australian customers. Customers can benefit from its many perks, such as a wide range of plans and site building tools. Hardly any other web hosting provider beats Hostgator for its shared hosting plans. The company is highly responsive to customer complaints as well. Though Hostgator is not based in Australia, locals can certainly depend on this web hosting service for a great service.